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Sport & Our Policy

Ruzawi has been recognised as a sporting school since the arrival of the first twenty pupils in 1928. This required suitable sports fields and local farmers were always willing to bring in their equipment to level the grounds, apply fertiliser, loan labour, and the like.

The first sports field, known to generations as A-Field, remains the major venue for inter-school cricket matches and athletics as well being used as a hockey pitch in the winter term. In the early days soccer was the main winter sport but when Irish International Rugby Player Bryan Curtis arrived as the school's fourth Headmaster, he introduced the game to Ruzawi.

The first rugby pitch was laid out largely with the help of Ruzawi Old Boys and was planted by the pupils. Soon after, the second rugby pitch was produced in the same way. Rugby teams have travelled as far afield as South Africa, Kenya and even Scotland to take part in inter-school competition. The cricket season in the first and third terms of the year is very busy with frequent home and away matches being played against schools from Marondera and Harare. Ruzawi has the unique capability of being able to host as many as five cricket matches at a time.

The tennis courts, six of them, are in regular daily use during the summer terms. Tennis is a major sport for the girls and the boys are encouraged to play the game too. In the Easter term, in addition to the ball games, athletics and cross country running are important activities. Two long established and well-remembered events are the Ruzawi Marathons and the Mike Taylor 10 km Fun Run. They are both mainly for the pupils but the 10 km run attracts parents, old pupils and even staff members to take part. In 2014 Mike Taylor, currently residing in South Africa, took part in the run and donated "The Spirit of Comrades Trophy" which will be awarded annually.

In the winter term there is netball for the girls and rugby for the boys, with hockey being played by both. The school squash court, built with a legacy from Second Master Archie MacLaren, is well used and enjoyed by pupils, old students, staff members and parents. Swimming is an important activity during the summer terms.

Our aim is to develop and educate the child through the lessons that can be learnt through sport. Sport plays a vital, central role in the education of every child as determined by the following precepts:

  • Education is about the whole child and for life.
  • Education is about character more than about success, about attitude more than about aptitude.
  • Education is about all children in the school, not just a few.
  • A child is not a commodity to be used and abused.

Ruzawi School sport is determined by the following principles:

  • All pupils should participate in the widest possible range of sporting activities.
  • Those activities should be well coached and efficiently administered and managed.
  • It is not necessarily appropriate for junior school age children to specialise in a particular sport or team position, in school activities.
  • The level of physical and emotional maturing of junior school children may require the game and rules to be modified to suit the age group – the children come first and not the sport.
  • Safety of participants is of utmost concern.
  • “Win at all costs” and “pot hunting” mentalities must not be encouraged.
  • Sponsorship can be accepted but the sponsor must not be permitted to influence the activity.

We are governed by the following code of conduct:


  • Coach effectively, and avoid specialisation.
  • Teach sportsmanship and fair play.
  • Keep your expectations appropriate for the ability and age of the players.
  • Avoid playing to “win at all costs” – the opposition team is a partner in a good match, and not the enemy.
  • Avoid continuous sideline coaching.
  • Keep up to date with sport rules and association regulations.


  • Support your child and avoid coaching on the sideline. Accept his or her sporting shortcomings and watch whenever you can.
  • Applaud play by both teams, keeping your support positive and encouraging – never ridicule.
  • Never question the referee during the match.
  • Never question the coach in front of your child.

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