Ruzawi School

R.O.P.A. Chairman's Report


“When Greeves asked me to make a short speech at the Ruzawi old boys golf day, I immediately just ducked into the habit of saying a few thank you’s and a quick good bye for the almost 14 years that we have spent as parents of Ruzawi children. But I wished I had said so much more. 

I wished I had said how despite the trials and stresses and tests we as Zimbabweans had faced over those 14 years, we remained so incredibly proud to be associated and part of such a wonderful school and country. There often feels so little that we can be proud of as Zimbabweans as we face up to our place on the regional and world stage. But every now and again we find something that allows us to rise, to look up and to be proud of - what a treasured feeling it is to be proud of your country, your school, where you belong and where you come from. Many nations take this for granted but it has been denied to us in Zimbabwe for so long that we crave any chance to be proud of who we are and can be. But collectively we are all very proud of Ruzawi. Our kids seem to get something very special from the school and it binds us all together - they are unique, they are different, they are proud of being Zimbabwean and proud to be from Ruzawi and it makes us proud too.

Ruzawi gives our children a chance to be successful in a challenging global world despite or maybe because of, the challenges they have faced at home. We send our kids to this remote county school in Africa, and then expect them to compete thereafter in a global market confident of who they are and that are good enough to do so. We know for some reason that despite our challenges as a nation, that if we meet someone who knows our country, then they will also know our school and most likely that those from Ruzawi are special, that they are likely to be successful and that makes us proud. 

Ruzawi means something; it means an up bringing, a culture, a standard and a history that despite the set backs of our country’s history, still makes us proud to be Zimbabwean and most importantly confident of our children’s future. We feel Ruzawi kids are different, not just in Africa but globally, and we set ourselves apart with our manners, broad education and diversified skill set that ensures they can take their place in their futures careers with confidence. 

I wish I had said more.“

Mr Robbie Hoard, Ruzawi parent

Mr A. Gau, or Greeves as he is known, is the R.O.P.A Chairman for 2016