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Music and Drama

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Music has always been an important part of Ruzawi life and when the Maurice Carver Music School was built, its greater facilities for learning individual instruments encouraged the love of music. The school choir regularly take an active part in the school chapel services as well as joining with the Peterhouse choirs at important events. The choir also takes part in the annual Eisteddfod and other musical competitions in Harare and is often invited to perform at private functions.  The children learning an instrument (piano, violin and flute) practise during rest and play regularly before the school.  Every class has a music lesson once a week to learn to read music, sing and play percussion instruments.

The annual "Beating of the Gums" is Ruzawi's very own mini soiree.  Families enjoy a picnic down at the dam while the children sing, dance and play instuments.  The school's jazz band, Junior and Senior choir as well the staff band prove that Ruzawi has a love of music.

Drama and public speaking at Ruzawi has benefited from the building of the Robert Grinham Hall. It forms an ideal venue for the production of school plays. A major dramatic performance takes place at the end of the first term and class plays form an important part of the Christmas celebrations. Smaller dramatic performances and a special R.U.Z. News update often take place at the weekly school assembly on Friday mornings. At the end of every term, each class stands before the school to present what they learnt over the course of the term while the reading and spelling competitions are annual events at Ruzawi.  

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