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The Kipper Department is not just a place where children learn their alphabet and numbers.  Academics are important and Ruzawi has found two programs that help our children to learn and develop these skills.  Strangely enough, not through the standard ‘three R’s’ of reading, writing and arithmetic, but exercise and play.

In Grade 1, every morning begins with a Developmental Movement Sequence (DMS) program, or what the children call exercises.  These exercises are a small part of Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT).  The exercises are especially designed to aid and speed up communication between the two hemispheres of the brain.  Another aspect of these exercises is to develop mid line crossing and to help identify any children who are not as quick to reach certain milestones.  This is particularly important with children who show early signs of facing academic challenges.  It has been proved time and again that movement is essential to development.  Our greatly increasing technological world is more sedentary in nature, thus we are finding it more and more important to focus on physical movement.  This does sound very technical, but the children are not concerned about the reasons for the exercises, they just know it as a fun way to start their day and focuses their attention for the lessons that follow.

Twice a week the grade ones will also do Leap Frog.  Leap Frog time is always greeted with a cheer by the children as it is another fun way of helping children to learn.  The Leap Frog program has been specifically designed by several Occupational Therapists in Harare, with the focus on early intervention for children who may have areas of weakness. The program focus on five areas of development which include Fine motor skills, Bilateral Integration, Auditory and Listening, Balance and Core strength and Visual Perception.  These are all skills essential to succeed.  This programs strength lies in helping all the children across the board with development, while identifying children who need extra help and in which area.  

Modern dance is offered as a compulsory extra curricula activity to Grade 1, 2 and 3 girls.  Grade 4 through 7 are given the opportunity to choose dance as a club and those who are keen, receive tuition once a week.

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