Ruzawi School

The Sanatorium


The San sister at a boarding school definitely plays a very motherly role, tending to the cuts and grazes and taking out those horrible splinters, and like any mother in the family, the San sister also has to be firm, but always kind.

The Ruzawi San is run by a qualified Health Care Provider.  The ethos of the Ruzawi School San is one of building resilience in the child, teaching children to take responsibility for their health and learning how to prevent illness and injury rather than cure it!  We endeavour to treat illness appropriately without over medicating and using good old fashion common sense remedies, like rest!

Knowing the children well is the key to treatment, developing a bond of trust between the San and children is a must and Ruzawi San aims to achieve this.

Just by listening to children and talking them through what they are feeling, often means no treatment is needed.  That being said, we have tried and tested policies for all procedures carried out in San and have the comfort of Dr Martin and Dr Dzuda close by.  It is a lovely place to get better, and the health care providers working at Ruzawi are committed to high standards of care.

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