Ruzawi School

Dorm Life

At Ruzawi School, we realise that the hidden curriculum is as important as mainstream education. The dorm life, is therefore, one of the most unique and exciting things about boarding school.

Each age group is cared for by a number of people including a Matron, Junior Master and Caregiver. Although the children are guided and nurtured by many people, it is Ruzawi's aim to foster independence and responsibility as well as a sense of brotherhood among the children.

Dorm life at Ruzawi School encompasses sing-a-longs, story time, pyjamas, birthday hunts, brushing teeth, reading, fort building competitions and so much more. The children are happy and healthy and most importantly prepared to become contributing citizens.

The Kipper Department is made up of the Grade ones and twos. The buildings are separate from the main school. Kippers arrive on Monday morning and are met by teachers, matrons and dormitory staff. There are very few tears as they love seeing their friends and normally head straight for the playground or play with the blocks on the veranda. The children know that they are only at school for "Four Sleeps".

The Kippers have Little Chapel three days a week and join the rest of the school for Big Chapel and Assembly on a Friday. Break time is for half an hour and the children have a drink, a sandwich and fruit. Three healthy main meals are served in the Junior dining room. Lessons, in the morning, cover a wide variety of subjects. After lunch the children have a rest for an hour. They are encouraged to read a book for some of the time. The afternoon sports sessions are for an hour and cover a variety of activities.

Children with little 'Problems' are also catered for and do extra lessons like Occupational Therapy and ILT in the afternoons. As an extra activity, the girls' may choose to do ballet. After supper, they have stories read to them or do little plays.

Before they go to bed, they have a Quiet Time in which they have to read and then they say their prayers and go to sleep. They have such a busy day that sleep comes very easily. At noon on Friday, a bus is available to take children to Harare.

"A day in the life of a Kipper '' is a very safe, full and happy one.

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