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The wonderful news on the Academic front is that Ruzawi School has adopted the Cambridge International Primary syllabus (2013).

Cambridge Primary is a world-class education programme, typically for students aged 5-11 (Grade 2 to Grade 7).  It engages pupils in an active and creative learning journey, building knowledge and skills in English, Mathematics and Science.

Cambridge provides valuable online support for teachers as well as curriculum frameworks for each subject.  There is excellent advice and guidance on planning, delivery and assessment of the Primary programme, with a definite structure to the Schemes of Work.   Schemes are set out in detail with a list of objectives to be met and a suggested plan for how to deliver the course content for each stage of the Primary Programme.

Cambridge encourages creative thinking, reasoning and justification, the child’s opinion, using facts, and in maths, mechanical ability to solve problems.  Students are encouraged to make suggestions and look for alternative ways of doing things.   It shows how important it is to teach our children to question and think critically about things.  We feel that we shouldn’t just been teaching them facts.  There are too many dangers in the world and too many manipulative people and situations for them not to raise questions.

We have purchased some beautiful new textbooks for the children to work from, and they are thoroughly enjoying the new approach to lessons.


Cambridge Primary Progression Tests for Grades 3 to 6 happen at the end of the year, and all exams are internationally benchmarked with strict guidelines on marking the exam papers.  At the end of Grade 7, students write the Cambridge Checkpoint Examination, and these exams are marked externally, thus providing an international benchmark, and evidence of readiness for the next stage (i.e. form 1) Cambridge gives students an excellent foundation for secondary education where, in Zimbabwe they will write the Cambridge “O” and “A” level examinations towards the end of their school career.

We will continue to write the Common Entrance Exam in the middle term, and ZIMSEC is a mandatory examination written just before Cambridge in the third term.

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