Ruzawi School

Weekly Academic Awards

Merits and Efforts for Week Ending Friday 28th November 2019
Merits   Efforts
Grade Name Reason   Grade Name Reason
1 All For an outstanding effort in their play!   1 All  
2 All An incredible dress rehearsal yesterday   2 All  
3BB Mikey Hill For his creative Calligrams   3BB Benjamin Youngs A fantastic first term at Ruzawi
3B Georgia van der Linden For some fantastic work on her Christmas decorations   3B Issy Charters Very good group work this week
4M Nyasha Matsikidze Very enthusiastic about everything   4M Christiaan Raath Getting himself so involved in our dictionary work
4B Carl Magutakuona An excellent silly story   4B James Hove Some great work this week
  Bella Wilson
5B Josh Mliswa A diligent, conscientious worker. Well done!   5B Ruda Midzi A quiet but thorough worker. Keep it up!
5R       5R Whole class For wonderful energy learning about volcanoes this week
6A       6A Whole Class  For their kind and special words & beautiful song for RuzNews. You are awesome!
6B Kian & Michael Blignaut For all their wonderful contributions. You will be missed.   6B    
7A       7A Excellent Zimsec results
7B       7B


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