Ruzawi School

Weekly Academic Awards

Merits and Efforts for Week Ending Thursday 8th Februrary 2018
Grade Name Reason   Grade Name Reason
1 Sacha Mugurungi For making a huge improvement in her work   1 Elizabeth Miller My speed queen
  Tavonga Makungunugwa Lots of effort in all that he does
2 Kunashe Chakona Great improvement in all his work   2 William Holden For trying extremely hard in class this week
Isabella Charters Lovely story about 'What I love about Ruzawi'  
3BB David Chirisa Great teamwork during group activities in class   3BB Bella Wilson Lovely creative writing this week 
3B Izzie Southon For a brilliant week of maths   3B Zenzo Mutasa A wonderful effort in all lessons. Fantastic particiption!
4M Joshua Mliswa For giving of his best in all subjects   4M Caitlin Wroe For trying her best in maths this week. Well done!
4B Rachelle Preston Her wonderful story   4B Josh Stone Working hard at being focused and reaping the rewards
5B Tyler Chapman Good maths results - well done!   5B Rutendo Munyawarara Tries hard in everything she does
5G Tawana Muvandi For an excellent social studies piece this week   5G Kaitlyn Zhanda Making such an effort to hand in neat work
6A Jeff Exton Wonderful mental maths test results   6A Tarna Mills Superb effort in comprehension
6B George Mugurungi Being super attentive in maths lessons   6B Ben Watson Great effort & application in all areas
7A Aneni Chigwedere Good work   7A Kohl Eksteen Lovely creative writing & reading aloud
7B Rukudzo Midzi Excellent maths this week   7B Tino Chihaka Great effort all round