Ruzawi School

Weekly Academic Awards

Merits and Efforts for Week Ending Friday 26th July 2019
Merits   Efforts
Grade Name Reason   Grade Name Reason
1 Declan Stanger For making me "amazed" with his numbers   1 Zoey Meikle Showing me she 'can do it' with her numbers 
  Declan Oosthuizen Best handwriting all week!
2 Rumbidzai Chinhara Doing extremely well in reading   2 William Swemmer Trying very hard in English this week
Sasha Mugurungi Writing a lovely letter to her pen pal  
3BB Villa Gata Grasping the concept of telling the time quickly   3BB Sarah-Jane Chadwick For her fantastic effort with her poem
3B Benjamin Landon This time they have outdone themselves in learning time   3B Sammy Howson Some fantastic work on "Going Green in 2019"
Angus Rowbotham  
4M Zane Jere Some fantastic mental test results this week   4M Kumbirai Matemura A good effort in all areas this week
4B Whole Class Another fantastic Outdoor Week   4B - -
5B Cameron Oosthuizen Excellent work in Maths   5B Cata Gata Huge effort in Maths - keep it up!
  Tadi Matongera
5R Tristan Maposa Always pays attention to what is being taught   5R Josh Chadwick Much better contributions in our lessons
6A Whole Class For the most inspiring poems on what Zimbabwe means to me   6A Whole Class I'm so proud of you all - well done - so special and encouraging!
6B Nina Stainton Bon voyage! Thank you for being such a special member of 6B   6B Kian Blignaut A super-duper Social Studies poem
7A Blessed Matsikidze No disguise is necessary for Blessed - he is a blessing!   7A Michael Mwenje For his obviously Mwenergetic preparation for the exams
7B Munashe Jakanani Great effort in the Mock Exams   7B    
Chiedza Matipano  
Citizenship Award Daniel Williams        
  Matthew Tippett        
Musician of the week Sarah-Jane Chadwick        
Chorister of the week Kian Blignaut    



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