Ruzawi School

Weekly Academic Awards

Merits and Efforts for Week Ending Friday 14th of September 2018
Grade Name Reason   Grade Name Reason
1 Jessica Martin Beautiful holiday projects and lovely neat work all week!   1 Marley Rushesha Made a HUGE effort to neaten his writing.
  William Swemmer My new speed king! Wow- what a change.
2 Ethan Blignaut Excellent maths this week!    2 Benjamin Landon Amazing holiday homework. I loved your underground gold mine.
  Simba Paradza Lovely work and settling in so well   3BB Kieran Thompspn For much improved handwriting and a week of good work
3BB Carlos Carvalho For two weeks of wonderful work and good participation!  
  3B Tinashe Kashaya A massive effort in English this week! Well done.
3B Cameron Cooper A maths magician! A fantastic week Cam!  
  4M Tristan Maposa For a good start to the term.
4M Lorna Briers A sound knowledge of times tables.  
  4B William McKinlay Fantastic holiday homework even while on holiday at the Seychelles
4B Mitchell Duckworth His enthusiastic return to school  
  5B Luke Marellier A huge effort in all he does. Keep it up.
5B Alicia Mderede Working to her best and giving of her best.  
  5G Oliver Van Zyl For an excellent start to the term in all his work- well done!
5G Tafadzwa Kashaya For an impressive character description in English this week.  
  6A Brenna Mashungu For their super efforts in our chapel skit.
6A _ _   Erin Zietsman
  6B Kundai Paradza For settling in with such ease and grace.
6B _ _   Oliver Zietsman
  7A _ _
7A _ _  
  7B _ _
7B _ _  
Musician of the week Kaitlyn Zhanda    
Chorister of the week Munashe Jakanani        


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