Ruzawi School

Weekly Academic Awards

Merits and Efforts for Week Ending Friday 30th November 2018
Grade Name Reason   Grade Name Reason
1 The Whole Class For an outstanding performance of Prickly Hay   1 _ _
2 The Whole Class   2 _ _
3BB Stacey Mangenah For working hard right up until the end of term.   3BB Michael Koen For his unwaivering enthusiasm throughout the year
3B The Whole Class For helping me with Chapel.   3B _ _
4M Joshua Mliswa An excellent spelling test result.   4M Adon Odendaal Much improved Maths work.
4B The Whole Class For having such a good week with Mr Motsi.   4B _ _
5B Owen Chimuka Working quietly and diligently in his work.   5B Kara Exton Always willing to start her work and finish in good time
5G Tawana Muvandi For his outstanding performance in the progression tests.   5G Nina Stainton For her consistent effort in English this term.
6A Tarna Mills For being more thoughtfull in her English work.   6A Munashe Jakanani For his interesting stories and enthusiasm in class
6B Margaret Songore For beautifully presented English work.   6B Jordan Kirtsen For a better effort in all areas
7A _ _   7A _ _
7B _ _   7B _ _
Musician of the week Josh Mliswa- violin        
Chorister of the week Mikayla Burl    


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