Ruzawi School

Prize Winners 2013







Nyasha Bvute

Oliver Ziestsman

Zara Ziestsman


Excellence in maths:  Reece Grant




Mikayla Burl, Chloe Scott-Elliot  and Abigail Keevil

Beth Moore-Gordon

Aneni Chigwedere and Tavonga Mhuriro.


Hayden Grant


Liam Stainton

Tabitha Watson


Zandile Mbofana


Eleanor Whittall

Rufaro Mapfumo


Naledi Jani

Darren Arnold


Zak Keevil


Emily Hoard

Kian Arnold


Dylan Grant


Emily Watson

Bill Francis

Rachel Palmer



Anesu Mutandwa

Ropafadzo Madziwanyika

Steven Saul



Craig Synder

Connor England

Victoria Wood



Nigel Chiwara

Kudzai Wazara

Justine Biss



Tashinga Magaya

Douglas Thorburn

Louise Retzlaff



Makanatsa Gwaradzimba

Nyasha Musoro

Bekezela Mbofana



Intermediate Reading Prize Erin Preston (book)

Intermediate Spelling Tinotenda Muzembe (book)

The Wilson Cup for Senior Reading Emma Kuipers (book)

The Brakespear Cup for Senior Spelling 2 winners Rebecca Gau and

Tawanda Muyeye (book)

The Curling English Trophy Bekezela Mbofana (book)




General Knowledge

Highest mark in the first test                               Junior Dylan Grant(book)

Senior Rebecca Gau (book)

Most improved General Knowledge Score

Junior Sean Sagonda(book)

Senior Mathew Brown(book)

Shona Macllwaine Shona Cup (Most improved in spoken Shona)


Andrew Winskill (book)

Art Prize Katje Larkins (book)

Maths Kundishora Maths Trophy                 Ivan Chatiza(book)

Computer Bennett Computer Prize          Louise Retzlaff (book)

Natural History Bruce Bell Memorial Prize

(Ornithology/Natural History)                                           Andrew Dodington(book)

MusicThese music prizes are awarded for performance and dedication.

Gareth Keevil(book)

Brandon Wilson (book)

Guy Whittall Sportsman Cup

The boy who in his game has best exhibited willingness, co-operation, consistent effort, dedication, team spirit and good sportsmanship.

Andrew Winskill ( book)

The Cara-Jo Precious Trophy Sportswoman of the Year

To the girl who has represented the school at 1st team level and who in her games has best exhibited willingness, determination, co-operation, consistent effort, dedication, team spirit and good sportsmanship.

Rebecca Gau ( book)



Anthony Seager Memorial Prize

This prize is to be awarded to a good team man and loyal member of the school, who by preference, is not already in receipt of a prize.  The criteria attempts to take into account Tony Seager’s love of team games – notably cricket.

Adrian Burl (book)

The Robinson Cup (Girl)

This prize is to be awarded to a good team woman and loyal member of the school, who preference is not already in receipt of a prize.

Ella Parham (book)

Service and Conduct

G M Bentley Cup For humility and consideration for others.

Girl: Beth Macillan (book)

Boy: Ryan Bailey (book)

C R & C Smith Cup– For exceptional conduct and good manners.

GirlKatje Larkins (book)

Boy: Alexander Holme (book)

Edward Maxwell Beddow Trophy

(For determination and perseverance

Jan Naude (book)










Old Boys Prize and Old Girls Prize

Criteria: Only leavers in Grade 7 are eligible.  To be awarded to the boy or girl who:

1)    Shows determination, endeavour and leadership qualities and who gives of his / her best.

2)    Demonstrates loyalty to the school in his/her attitude

3)    Shows enthusiasm and consideration for other, both senior and junior to himself/herself.

4)   Is cheerful and displays a keen interest in all aspects of school life.

The Old Girls Prize for 2013 goes to:   Amy Kluckow (clock)

The Old Boys Prize for 2013 goes to:  Kirk Barnes (clock)

Bishop’s Shield Fairbridge:        845                          Grenfell :  900

Dux Awards

This is for outstanding leadership qualities that have been shown in a wide variety of activities and situations; and an understanding of the values and expectations required at Ruzawi, in particular – their behaviour, manners and courtesy, dependability and reliability, consideration for others, the respect of their peers, their loyalty to the school and their humility.


Girl:   Omega Nyamushanya (book)

Boy:  Tawanda Muyeye ( book)

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