Ruzawi School

Academic Life

Ruzawi’s Staff have embraced the concept of Theme Teaching with enthusiasm and we continue to strive for a classroom that is innovative, inclusive and collaborative.  We are making good progress ensuring that concepts are not taught in isolation, but stretch right across the curriculum.

We continue to consider ourselves very fortunate to have enrolled with the Cambridge Primary Syllabus in 2013.  The Cambridge Syllabus (and Ruzawi as a result) provides pupils with the skills for success in a world where deep thinking, collaborative problem solving, and emotional intelligence is essential.

The future of Academics at Ruzawi is an exciting one.  We are committed to learn more about Project Based Learning and will be working on a Thinking Skills programme in 2015.  We are determined to ensure that Ruzawi Pupils leave our care as active, independent, future-minded learners.  We are concerned not just with what they learn, but also with how they learn, and how they grow in confidence, independence and critical thinking. 

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