Ruzawi School

School Philosophies

Ruzawi School Motto
"Learning Knights"
"The motto is of special interest suggested to us in 1921 by Canon Arthur Davies, Principal of St. John's College, Agra, and later Dean of Worcester. In an old Northumbrian Gospel (circ A.D. 1150) the word disciple does not appear. When any mention is made of the followers of our Lord, the words used are "Learning Knights". It would be difficult to find two words which better define the aim of the Christian life for Prep. School boys." - Ruzawi: The Founding of a School.

Ruzawi Purpose
To fulfil the founding principles established in 1928 by Messrs Carver and Grinham, by providing a balanced education in accordance with the Christian faith in the Anglican tradition in service of God, the School and the community.

Ruzawi Commitment
To provide an education which nurtures the spiritual, emotional, social and physical development of each individual, recognizing and enhancing each child's uniqueness, their sense of self-worth and self-confidence, equipping them for life beyond Ruzawi.

We are committed to a sound Christian ethos, and creating a Ruzawi Family that values integrity, honesty, love, humility and courage. Our values encompass the acceptance of the uniqueness of others, the desire to learn and discover, dedication to hard work, and respect for the community at large.

To be the co-educational preparatory school of choice in Zimbabwe and in the region, through our overall commitment to the Ruzawi Ethos.

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