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St Cyprians School

Ruzawi School is involved in helping our local village school, St Cyprians, which is a member of the CharChar Trust.

On March 24th 2007, Charlotte Parker, a bright, happy, life-loving girl of just ten-and-a-half years old lost her life with her mother, Veronica, to an elephant attack in Africa. In memory of these tragic losses, and in keeping with the generous spirits of both mother and daughter, the CharChar Trust was established to bring literacy and hope to the children of Africa. The mission of CharChar Trust is to help young children develop the skills they need to find their own solutions and make their own futures by providing the materials they need for a five-year primary reading and writing course in either English or the local language. Relatively affluent schools the Coordinator Schools (like Ruzawi) - identify local schools in need. They prepare Wish Lists of the needs of these schools, which they then send to the Trust.
The Trust collects the Wish lists and distributes its funds so that any school included in the literacy programme is supported for the full five years. The Trust is responsible for the purchase and shipping of all materials to the Coordinator Schools.
The Coordinator Schools distribute the educational materials to the schools in their areas and ensure that the materials supplied by the Trust are being used effectively.
Junior Masters' and Junior Mistresses' at Ruzawi offer their teaching services to St Cyprians. Last year Miss Kim Beattie spent her mornings teaching at St Cyprians and returned to Ruzawi for afternoon sessions and duties. A staff member, Tendai Duwa, is spending Tuesday to Friday (0830-1200) teaching the St Cyprians' children appreciation of music. This takes the form of Choir, Traditional Dance and Music Club. Mr Duwa focuses not only on the teaching the children how to sing and play instruments like the guitar, marimba and mbira but also the theory of music. For the Choir session Mr Duwa is introducing the idea of harmony and being able to read tonic sol-fa notation and teaching the children songs in English, Ndebele and Shona. Traditional Dance combines the music and dance that is found in the Shona and Ndebele cultures. The dance lesson is the most energetic of the practical sessions and the children really enjoy it.

At the end of the year Mr Duwa hopes: to have a Choir at St Cyprians that can sing well in harmony, read music accurately and enjoy singing; that each student will know how to play at least one instrument confidently. He hopes to introduce an enjoyment and knowledge for Western Music without damaging their own culture. Mr Duwa is enjoying teaching Music and St Cyprians but no day goes by without a challenge.

Our Music Director, Mr Owen Chimuka, has taken six pupils under his wing for piano lessons each Thursday. We are excited to hear how their music skills develop through 2019.

St Cyprians' children take part in the Ruzawi Invitational Cross Country meet which is held in Easter Term and the St Cyprian children always do well.

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