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Grinham Carver Trust

The Ginham Carver Trust was founded in 1978 by the Ruzawi Old Boys Association on the occasion of its 25th anniversary and in honour of the School's founders - Robert Grinham and Maurice Carver.

The basic objectives of the Trust are to secure funds for use by the School in capital projects; however, the funds would be loaned to the School on a commercial basis as a revolving fund. In addition the funds could be used either on a commercial basis, or by way of grant, to assist former old boys principally in the education of their children at Ruzawi, but also for further education purposes.

Trustees being members of the Ruzawi Old Pupils' Association will administer the fund.

It is hoped that by holding large funds in this, the Trust will be able to assist the School whenever capital projects are required, thus enabling the School to get on with what it does best; teaching our children.

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